pride and magic (redfive_exe) wrote in regretthatpony,
pride and magic


Dairine paced the living room, Spot watched. She was better on her feet, better when she was moving -- you could respond faster on your feet, you were more aware. She rolled the charm bracelet between her fingers, thinking aloud to Spot. To Adam if he would listen.

"I tried putting up a shield when I saw him," she began, "But the one I had stored here didn't work. I thought it was because of that...chip he was talking about." Even the thought made her shudder. "But this case at least, it's because my name changed. The wizard name...the long one that spells out who you are and why you are. It's the basis of all your spells. If you say your name wrong, it could change your being." Silently, she commanded Spot open, and crouched to stare at the screen filled with Arabic-looking script. "It's changed since they took me."

Straightening, she turned back to face Adam. Dairine always spoke with wide gestures, like every bit of her needed to be animated. Like if her hands stopped moving, to her head, to her heart, she'd stop breathing.

"But that's not it. I can feel the rest of it -- the rest of my magic -- like it's glitching. I couldn't notice it before, but that tracking chip is -- it's like it's trying to interface with me. Every time I try to feel for the wizardry, I feel the foreign matter. It's not supposed to be there, but I can't tell where it is." Her mouth pinched and she looked back at Spot as he ran the codex of her new name.
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