Adam Carter (decreeddarkness) wrote in regretthatpony,
Adam Carter

Part Two

Adam did feel better after having a shave. As he and Dairine waited for their coffees, he watched her carefully, hyper-aware of any cues he might have regarding her mental state. So far, venturing out into the world had gone well, and he was proud of her. Not everybody could have done, even those who were meant to be professionals. Feeling vulnerable was a real problem for spies who had had operations go wrong, and that was with training and support and an understanding of just what it was that had gone pear-shaped and why it had done so. Adam and Dairine had no idea of who it was who had kidnapped her, and what they had wanted. And yet here she was, standing around waiting for a coffee as though all were well.

We'll smile at them, and we'll carry on smiling at them. For as long as it took. At the whole world, if need be.

Sometimes it was easy to get caught up in smiling and forget what it was that it was meant to achieve. The end goal would become obscured, and you would lose yourself in the falsehood. Sometimes what you really felt, somewhere beneath the layers and the masks and the necessary deceptions, could be difficult to find again, or, conversely, welled up and spilled into the world at just the wrong moment. So Adam knew that monitoring was crucial.

And so far, Dairine was just fine.
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