pride and magic (redfive_exe) wrote in regretthatpony,
pride and magic

Part one

"Yeah, I'll meet you there. Just give me ten minutes, I'm on my way back."

Dairine clicked her phone shut, snap audible over the sound of a hissing classic rock channel. It was her favorite radio station, beamed in from the states (the New York area) and with much coaxing and begging in the Speech, Dairine had the beat-up radio of her Jeep configured to play it. This meant, of course, that it wouldn't play anything else out of sheer spite, but Dairine figured that was alright too.

She was meeting Adam for dinner. A nice, upscale place that she'd bought a new shirt for on this latest trip out of town. It would be a nice night, she thought, devoid of aliens and Syrians and chases and aliens...

What she didn't account for was the man standing in the middle of the road, waving his arms. A beached whale of a vehicle stood off on the shoulder, its flashing orange taillights casting a faint yellowish glow in the dark. Dairine slammed on the brakes, cursing under her breath. Thank the Powers that Be she was paying attention to the road for once.

Rolling up alongside his car, she rolled down a window, smiling at the somewhat desperate-looking young man. "Hey! Is something wrong?"

He grinned back, half-hearted and apologetic, altogether unassuming.

"Yeah, my...engine stalled out. Do you think I could borrow your phone to call in a tow?" Dairine looked at her watch. She'd be late, or at least, cutting it close, but something of the philanthropist nature of her made her get out of the car, handing over the phone.

She climbed out, moving around to the open hood. "Let me take a look at it too. People tell me I'm not that bad with cars..." Or at least, getting better. Though her specialty still remained in the software sector, Dairine found herself growing oddly comfortable with the more physical technologies.

As the man began to dial, Dairine peered at the engine in the dim light. She scowled, splaying her hand over the warm metal and plastic, murmuring. "What's wrong with you...?" As far as she could tell, nothing. At least, she didn't feel anything. About to reach out to it in the Speech, Dairine got the sudden feeling of something decidedly off about the whole situation, exacerbated a moment later by the sound of rustling coming from the tall grass along the sides of the road and then the shocking pain and pooling black of unconsciousness that came from something hitting her hard in the side of the head.
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