Integra Hellsing (strictlymaster) wrote in regretthatpony,
Integra Hellsing


Who: Integra and Spike
What: Exploring the circumstances

A rare occasion.

Running Hellsing without Alucard was a chore, but not impossible. Integra convinced herself of several things:

1. Her father had been more than capable of dealing with the vampire threat without his aid.

2. Integra had a team of highly-trusted mercenaries working for her.

3. Integra was brilliant and could handle herself.

There'd been a strange confluence of deaths outside of London in the southern countryside. Strange both in the sharp rise in a town of less than 500 people and in the odd bite marks left on the throats of the victims. With Alucard in South America taking care of some loose ends and Seras investigating a nest in northern Ireland, Integra took it upon herself to recruit a unit of five men.

"It's only a vampire, Walter," she assured her butler as he helped her into a military jacket outfitted with a belt for her saber. He looked perhaps even more wrinkled than his age showed, lines of worry around his usually prim mouth. Integra toyed with the idea of a smile. "Do you doubt my talent?"

"Of course not, Sir Integra." He helped her into the helicopter, and twenty minutes later they landed in a field outside of town just as the sun dipped below the horizon. The town itself was oddly empty and Integra set her jaw. Something was very, very, off.
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