pride and magic (redfive_exe) wrote in regretthatpony,
pride and magic


Who: Dairine and Adam
What: Things!

For someone who just seemed to be sitting casually in a coffee shop, there was a lot of computer equipment. Spot sat open on the table, running manual functions. Beside him waited a long keyboard with far too many keys to be the standard QWERTY, each key inscribed with an Arabic-looking letter. One of the heavy wooden chairs housed a glass box, glowing and humming with silent energy.

In the middle of it all sat Dairine, her long legs folded up beneath her on the chair, locks of red spilling over her shoulder. She alternated between sipping at her third cup of coffee, reading something off of Spot's screen, and tapping away at a small, touchscreen tablet.

Spring cleaning.

Spring cleaning meant doing all those things Dairine had put off for the past eleven months. Re-calibration was one of them.

Usually, after Spot molted or upgraded, some harmonizing was necessary with the other devices in Dairine's techno-arsenal. Directories needed updating, spell files needed conversion, et cetera. The process was irritating and wholly anal of her, but had to be done. You didn't want a faulty program ruining hours of hard work, and you never really knew how these beta programs were going to interact with one another until you sat them down and got them talking.

Dairine yawned again and rubbed sleep out of her eyes, reaching blindly for her coffee.
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